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measuring much from side to side; large, unlimited; of great extent

expansive, roomy

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Cases of word usage

1) a part of the sea or of a large lake, enclosed by a wide curve of the shore (bay)

2) a wide road passing round a town or village (bypass)

3) a long, wide waterfall (cascade)

4) a sea animal with a wide shell and five pairs of legs (crab)

5) a wide piece of cloth loosely folded and worn round the neck by men (cravat)

6) a container with a wide flat bottom, used to serve food (dish)

7) a large jug with a wide mouth, formerly used for carrying water (ewer)

8) a wide and open area (expanse)

9) a tube wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for pouring liquids or powders through small openings; a tall outlet for smoke on a ship, railway engine etc (funnel)

10) very wide (gaping)

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