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above average (in amount, size, extent)

big, abundant

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Cases of word usage

1) a kind of large hairy animal, similar to a human (ape)

2) (a kind of tree with) a round, yellow or orange fruit with soft flesh and a large seed (apricot)

3) a large mass of snow and ice sliding down a mountain side (avalanche)

4) a road with trees on each side, especially a private road to a large country house (avenue)

5) a kind of large monkey of Africa and South Asia (baboon)

6) a large building or buildings for soldiers to live in (barracks)

7) an indoor game played by two teams of five players who try to throw a large ball into high baskets fixed at each end of the court (basketball)

8) a small animal like a mouse with large wings that flies at night and feeds on fruit and insects (bat)

9) a part of the sea or of a large lake, enclosed by a wide curve of the shore (bay)

10) the large muscle in the front part of the upper arm (biceps)

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