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not held, tied up, fastened, packed or contained in something

not tight; unconstrained

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Cases of word usage

1) a loose outer article of clothing without sleeves (cloak)

2) a long, loose gown (as worn by monks) with a hood (cowl)

3) soft, loose material from blankets, wood etc; a small error when doing something (fluff)

4) a fight; contest; to become worn by rubbing so that there are loose threads (fray)

5) a border of loose threads, e.g. on a rug; an edge (of a crowd, forest etc) (fringe)

6) (to cause something) to become loose or looser (loosen)

7) remaining when nothing more is to be taken away; a kind of material with loose threads of cotton, wire etc; an object made using this; to gain (an amount) as a profit (net)

8) loose fitting trousers with shoulder straps, as worn by workmen (overalls)

9) a loose article of clothing worn over a dress to keep it clean (pinafore)

10) a long loose dress (robe)

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