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a container with a wide flat bottom, used to serve food

eating receptacle

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Cases of word usage

1) a deep, round, hollow dish (bowl)

2) a heat-proof dish with a lid in which food is cooked (casserole)

3) (to prepare) (a dish of) meat, fish, eggs etc cooked with hot-tasting spices; to try to win approval by using flattery etc (curry)

4) a dish served between the fish and the meat course (entree)

5) (a dish of) stew of steak and vegetables, seasoned with paprika (goulash)

6) (a dish of) flavoured cream beaten and frozen (mousse)

7) (a shaped case of) meat or fruit covered with pastry and baked in a dish (pie)

8) an almost flat dish from which food is served or eaten (plate)

9) (especially US) a large, shallow dish used for serving food, especially meat and fish (platter)

10) (a dish of) food, usually a soft, sweet mixture, eaten after a meat or fish course; a kind of sausage (pudding)

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