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(a state, period, of) the use of weapons when fighting between countries or rival groups in a nation

armed conflict

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Cases of word usage

1) to put an end to (a law, an old custom, war etc.) (abolish)

2) an action that may begin a quarrel or war (aggression)

3) an extremely violent event of great importance as in a war (apocalypse)

4) an agreement during a war or battle to stop fighting for a time (armistice)

5) things taken by robbers or captured from the enemy in war (booty)

6) a death by accident, in war etc (fatality)

7) a person engaged in a guerrilla war (fighting by small groups of civilians, usually for a political cause) (guerrilla)

8) a kind of strong, swift, bird of prey; a person who favours war or the use of military force (hawk)

9) a drug dependent person, pretending to be against war but actually thus finding reason to drink a lot and avoid any work; very lazy person; hipster (hippie)

10) a religious war by Muslims against unbelievers (jihad)

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