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to hit, aim a blow at, (a person, thing); to stop working for an employer (in order to get more pay, better conditions etc)

hit hard

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Cases of word usage

1) to strike (something, a person) hard and often (batter)

2) (the short, sharp sound of) a blow; to hit (something); strike (knock)

3) a dry crust formed over a wound or sore; a worker who refuses to join a strike or who takes a striker's job (scab)

4) of strike (struck)

5) (a noise (as if) of) a heavy blow; to strike (a person, thing) heavily or hard (thump)

6) to leave a place of work and go on strike (walk-out)

7) something designed for, or used in fighting or struggling (e.g. swords, guns, bombs, fists, a strike by workers) (weapon)

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