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(a form of) writing arranged in lines, each with a pattern of stresses and unstressed syllables; one of the short numbered divisions of a chapter in the Bible

written composition

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Cases of word usage

1) unrhymed verse (usually with 10 syllables in each line) used in poetry and drama (blank verse)

2) a pause in the rhythmic pattern of a line of verse because of meaning or punctuation (caesura)

3) two successive lines of rhyming verse (couplet)

4) a Japanese verse from using 17 syllables in 3 lines (haiku)

5) an interval of eight notes between two notes so that the first has a pitch double the value of the other; the first eight lines of a sonnet; verse of eight lines (octave)

6) the form of language that is not in verse form (prose)

7) the similarity of sound of two or more words at the end of lines of verse (rhyme)

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