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the art of a poet; poems in general; a quality that produces feelings as produced by poems

expressive, rhythmic literary work

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Cases of word usage

1) a form of poetry for speaking or singing that tells a story (ballad)

2) unrhymed verse (usually with 10 syllables in each line) used in poetry and drama (blank verse)

3) (of poetry etc) concerning the countryside and the people who live outside the towns (bucolic)

4) the stress, emphasis, rhythm etc of the voice when reading poetry or prose (cadence)

5) a style of poetry without a regular metre and rhyme (free verse)

6) stringed musical instrument (14th to 17th centuries) associated with poets and poetry (lute)

7) of a lyric; a type of poetry about emotions, love, death etc (lyric)

8) a unit of measurement of length in the metric system; rhythm in poetry formed by a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables; meter (metre)

9) (of) (an example of) a style of writing giving a series of events as a story, as used in novels and poetry (narrative)

10) the use of words (in poetry etc) so that the sense is suggested by the sounds, such as 'hiss, crunch, ping' (onomatopoeia)

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