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of, for the use of, concerning, one person or group, not people in general; a soldier with the lowest rank in the army

personal, intimate

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Cases of word usage

1) a road with trees on each side, especially a private road to a large country house (avenue)

2) (to provide) a place (usually a private house) where soldiers are boarded and lodged (billet)

3) a vehicle designed for private use, for (usually four) passengers (car)

4) a man paid to drive a private car (chauffeur)

5) a private place in a church for confession (confessional)

6) to transfer (a nationalized industry etc) to private ownership again (denationalize)

7) a private road to a house or from a road to a garage (driveway)

8) to listen secretly to a private conversation (eavesdrop)

9) a private house offering rooms to paying guests (guest house)

10) farthest inside; most private or secret (innermost)

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