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the act of writing something, especially a book; literary work

printing on paper

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Cases of word usage

1) (usually) the letters used in writing a language, arranged in order (alphabet)

2) a person who asks for something (especially a job) in writing (applicant)

3) to ask formally in writing (apply)

4) a writing desk with drawers (bureau)

5) (a method of, key to) secret writing (cipher)

6) (an) opinion, explanation or criticism in speech or writing about an event, book, state of affairs etc (comment)

7) the act or art of composing e.g. a piece of writing or music (composition)

8) writing letters; letters (correspondence)

9) a piece of writing that is (to be) dictated (dictation)

10) the same (used in lists to avoid writing words again) (ditto)

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