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(of the body) having little power or energy; (of the mind) not confident, sure or determined; easily broken, damaged etc; easily defeated or changed

not strong

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Cases of word usage

1) the condition of having poor blood, which makes a person pale and weak (anaemia)

2) making (a person, her or his health) weak (debilitating)

3) made weak by old age or hard use (decrepit)

4) (especially) the weak physical condition caused by lack of water in one's body (dehydration)

5) an apparatus used for hatching eggs for rearing small, weak babies (incubator)

6) physically or mentally weak (especially through age) (infirm)

7) not valid; invalidate; weak or disabled because of illness or injury; suitable for invalid persons (invalid)

8) not able to walk normally because of an injury or defect; (of an excuse, argument etc) weak and unsatisfactory (lame)

9) causing pity; weak and useless (pathetic)

10) small and weak (puny)

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