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an object held in the hand(s) and used to do or make something, e.g. 'a hammer', 'screwdriver'

instrument used to shape, form, finish

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Cases of word usage

1) something made by a person e.g. a tool or work of art (artefact)

2) (a part of) a tool used for boring or drilling holes (bit)

3) a kind of heavy tool with a sharp edge for chopping meat, wood etc (chopper)

4) an act, result, of cutting; opening made by a knife or other sharp-edged tool etc (cut)

5) a tool for cutting (cutter)

6) a tool that turns quickly, used for making holes in hard substances (drill)

7) the sharp, cutting part of a knife, sword or other tool or weapon (edge)

8) a metal tool with a rough surface, used for cutting or smoothing hard substances; any kind of folder, case etc used for keeping papers etc together (file)

9) a small tool used for making holes in wood etc (gimlet)

10) a tool with a sharp semi-circular edge, used for cutting grooves in wood (gouge)

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