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(of the body) having power, able to do things easily; (of the mind) feeling confident, sure, determined; not easily broken, damaged

healthy, powerful

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Cases of word usage

1) (of sensations) very strong (acute)

2) to make (fears, doubt) less strong (allay)

3) a strong desire to be successful (ambition)

4) having a strong desire for success (ambitious)

5) a kind of colourless gas with a strong smell, used to make explosives, fertilizers etc (ammonia)

6) the strong feeling that comes after being insulted, wrong or because of cruelty and Injustice (and make a person wants to quarrel or fight) (anger)

7) (an instance or example of) strong dislike (antipathy)

8) the strong feeling of being pulled towards (attraction)

9) a strong dislike (aversion)

10) a strong blow or knock (bash)

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