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any of several subdivisions of mankind sharing certain physical characteristics, especially colour of skin, colour and type of hair, shape of eyes and nose; a contest or competition in speed, e.g. to see who can finish a piece of work or get to a certain place first

pursuit; running, speeding

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Cases of word usage

1) a person who enters (for a university place, competition, race etc) (entrant)

2) to destroy completely (a disease, a race etc) (exterminate)

3) extermination of a race or community by mass murder or by imposing conditions that make survival impossible (genocide)

4) (of) a person not of the Jewish race (gentile)

5) a section of a town lived in by underprivileged classes or people who are discriminated against, e.g. because of race or religion (ghetto)

6) a long-distance race on foot (about 26 miles (or 41.8 kilometres) at modern sports meetings); a test of a person's endurance (marathon)

7) a well-known story used long ago to explain natural events, the history of a society or race etc (myth)

8) a small field used for exercising horses; an enclosed area where horses are assembled before a race (paddock)

9) a finish of a race that is so close that a photograph is needed to decide the winner (photofinish)

10) concerning race (racial)

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