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an angry argument; strong disagreement; a cause for being angry; reason for protest or complaint


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Cases of word usage

1) an action that may begin a quarrel or war (aggression)

2) the strong feeling that comes after being insulted, wrong or because of cruelty and Injustice (and make a person wants to quarrel or fight) (anger)

3) to take part in a noisy quarrel or fight (brawl)

4) a fight, struggle, quarrel etc (conflict)

5) a total failure to reach agreement or to settle a quarrel (deadlock)

6) a serious quarrel between two people, families or groups over a long period of time (feud)

7) a disorganized quarrel in which everyone tries to give an opinion (free-for-all)

8) to plead (with a person) to end a quarrel or to obtain a favour (intercede)

9) to become friendly with (a person) after a quarrel (reconcile)

10) a split or crack; a disagreement, quarrel (rift)

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