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the act of pressing; (magazines, newspapers etc and) journalists; to push steadily against (something)

people or person working in communications

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Cases of word usage

1) to press or clasp (something) firmly together (clench)

2) an official announcement e.g. as issued to the press (communique)

3) to settle comfortably and warmly; to press oneself, (one's head etc) lovingly (to a person, animal) (nestle)

4) a small, sharp pinch or bite; a small (alcoholic) drink; to press (something) together hard (e.g. between finger and thumb) (nip)

5) to press on (something) from the opposite side or from all sides; a situation when money (especially to borrow) is not easily obtained (squeeze)

6) a member of (hotel) staff employed to dry-clean or press clothes; a rich man's personal servant who looks after his clothes, meals etc (valet)

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