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(in living things) the ability to do or act; energy that can be used to do work; authority; influence

ability, competence

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Cases of word usage

1) the capacity, skill or power needed to do something physical or mental (ability)

2) giving advice; having the power to advise (advisory)

3) having the power to cause pleasure, liking etc (attractive)

4) favouring the power of authority more than personal freedom of choice (authoritarian)

5) the (legal) power or right to control, give others and make others obey (authority)

6) to give (legal) power to or right of control to (a person) (authorize)

7) government by a ruler who has unlimited power (autocracy)

8) a ruler with unlimited power (autocrat)

9) without the power to see (blind)

10) a person who uses her or his strength or power to frighten or hurt others (bully)

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