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a substance in the form of a sheet, used for writing, printing, drawing, wrapping, packing etc; documents showing who a person or thing is, what authority he or it has etc

thin, flimsy

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Cases of word usage

1) a piece of paper used to vote in secret (ballot)

2) a pen with a small ball in place of a nib which rolls ink onto paper (ballpoint)

3) a number of printed sheets of paper fastened together in a cover (book)

4) a folded piece of stiff paper with a picture, as used for various purposes (card)

5) the thick, stiff kind of paper used for making boxes etc (cardboard)

6) piece of tobacco in a toll of thin paper for smoking (cigarette)

7) small bits of coloured paper (to be) thrown at weddings (confetti)

8) (to make) a line on cloth, paper etc made by crushing, folding or pressing (crease)

9) the name for kinds of wrinkled clothes or paper (crepe)

10) a written paper showing one has completed or passed an examination in a course of study (diploma)

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