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member of the political party or parties opposing the Government

obstruction, antagonism

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Cases of word usage

1) (an instance of) opposition involving fighting or hatred (antagonism)

2) to act in opposition to( a low, a custom) (contravene)

3) a political system with strong government control, strong nationalism and cruel opposition to socialists (fascism)

4) a (shade of) colour; a general cry of alarm as when criminal is being chased or to express opposition (hue)

5) to urge (something) strongly against opposition or disbelief; to give (an order) that not be changed (insist)

6) a statement or feeling of dislike, disapproval or opposition (objection)

7) a response to earlier action or activity; opposition to progress or change; (an instance of) a change in one substance caused by another (reaction)

8) (often used with 'a', 'an') (a) (sudden and complete change of feeling to) deep hatred or opposition (revulsion)

9) (action, behaviour etc that causes) general shock, anger, opposition (scandal)

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