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a large number of

profuse, abundant

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Cases of word usage

1) a celebration on a day when something happened on the same date a year, or many years, before (anniversary)

2) any of many small planets between Mars and Jupiter (asteroid)

3) (kinds of) very small living things, many of which cause disease or help dead animals and plants to decay (bacteria)

4) (especially) a punishment by hitting many times: give him a good beating (beating)

5) made up of many small, disorganized parts (bitty)

6) (of food) having many bones (bony)

7) (to cause something hard and rigid) to separate into many pieces because of a fall, hit etc (break)

8) (pl unchanged) a vegetable with many white or purple heads of flowers like small cauliflowers (broccoli)

9) the killing of many people (carnage)

10) a phrase used often and by many people (usually for a short period) (catchphrase)

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