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being argued about


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Cases of word usage

1) to settle a dispute (between two opposite sides, opinions etc) by acting as the chosen judge(s) (arbitrate)

2) a person appointed by two opposite sides to settle a dispute (arbitrator)

3) (an instance of) the settlement of a dispute by each side giving up something it has asked for; settlement reached in this way (compromise)

4) the deliberate damaging of machinery, material etc to weaken an opponent's activity during an industrial or political dispute (sabotage)

5) (an instance of) making an agreement (about a dispute etc); (an instance of) payment (of a debt etc); (a statement of) property given to a person; (the establishment of) a community, group of homes etc (settlement)

6) (of chess) a position of the pieces from which no further move is possible; any stage of a dispute at which further action by either side seem to be impossible (stalemate)

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