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the state of discussing for being discussed; talk in order to discuss

talk with another

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Cases of word usage

1) to stop, e.g. discussion at (a meeting etc) for a short time (adjourn)

2) to begin a discussion of (a topic) (broach)

3) (to cause a speech, discussion etc) to come to an end (conclude)

4) (a meeting for) discussion (conference)

5) careful consideration and discussion (deliberation)

6) to meet e.g. for a discussion or social reason (get-together)

7) a meeting for discussion between employers and an applicant for a job; a meeting (of a reporter etc) with a person whose views are requested (interview)

8) the act of sending, flowing, giving, out something; an important question that needs discussion and a decision (issue)

9) a coming together of a number of people at a certain time and place, especially for discussion (meeting)

10) to raise or bring forward (a subject) for discussion (moot)

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