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containing many details

itemized, particularized

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Cases of word usage

1) an order giving general or detailed instructions (directive)

2) a detailed list, e.g. of household goods, furniture, stocks etc (inventory)

3) a detailed (scientific) account, especially a published report on one particular subject (monograph)

4) a detailed explanation of how to prepare (food); a piece of advice (recipe)

5) a detailed account of a number of connected events etc; a musical performance by a solist or small group, or of the works of one composer (recital)

6) (a) detailed study or investigation to discover new facts, get additional information etc (research)

7) to make a detailed examination of (something) (scrutinize)

8) a thorough and detailed examination (scrutiny)

9) detailed and exact; relating to one particular thing etc, not general (specific)

10) a mental or written report or review; a detailed inspection; a detailed map (of an area); to examine the general condition (of something) (survey)

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