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having no or very little light

lack of light

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Cases of word usage

1) a kind of woodland flower, usually white, pale-blue or dark red (anemone)

2) a kind of large, dark brown insect that comes out at night in kitchens and places where food is kept (cockroach)

3) (cause something to) become dark (darken)

4) a dark underground cell used (in history) as a prison (dungeon)

5) the time just before it is dark (dusk)

6) a little dark (dusky)

7) to feel about, search for (something), as one does in the dark (grope)

8) a large animal of the cat family with a yellow coat and dark spots (leopard)

9) giving out light; visible in the dark (luminous)

10) (of) a kind of dark red colour (magenta)

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