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going on without stopping

constant, unending

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Cases of word usage

1) dull continuous pain (ache)

2) used with the present participle of another verb to form the continuous tenses (be)

3) a continuous low sound made by parts of machines that turn quickly (burr)

4) (to make) the continuous repeated noise (as of metal things falling or knocking together) (clatter)

5) (to cause something) to wind or twist into a continuous circular or spiral shape; curl round and round (coil)

6) the state of being continuous (continuity)

7) not continuous (discontinuous)

8) (a) continuous (period of) dry weather causing suffering because of lack of food and water (drought)

9) enervate, the continuous state of it (enervating)

10) an incident that is one continuous action (and, in a story etc, one of many used to create the plot) (episode)

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