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a bottle, box, carton etc designed to hold something

holder for physical object

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Cases of word usage

1) a container for spring a mist of scent, paint etc (aerosol)

2) (a building for) a glass container for living fish and water plants (aquarium)

3) a container made of paper, cloth, leather, plastic etc with an opening at the top, used for carrying things (bag)

4) a container made of materials that bend and twist easily (basket)

5) a large, oblong container for a person to sit or lie in and wash the whole body (bath)

6) (any of several plants with) a seed in a long container (pod) (all used as vegetables) (bean)

7) a metal container in which water etc is heated e.g. for supplying hot water (boiler)

8) (to attack (a place) etc with) a hollow metal container filled either with explosive or with tear gas etc (bomb)

9) a container with a narrow neck, used for liquids (bottle)

10) a container with straight sides, usually with a lid, used for holding solids (box)

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