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the act or art of composing e.g. a piece of writing or music

structure, arrangement

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Cases of word usage

1) a musical composition for one or more solo instruments supported by an orchestra (concerto)

2) a dramatic composition with music, in which the words are sung (opera)

3) an approach made (to a person) with the aim of starting discussions; a composition played as an introduction, especially to an opera (overture)

4) a complete set of matching articles of furniture; a set of rooms (e.g. in a hotel); an orchestral composition made up of three or more related parts (suite)

5) a (long) composition in (usually) three or four parts (called 'movements') for an orchestra (symphony)

6) a set of questions, tasks etc used to measure a person's knowledge or ability; an examination or trial (of something) to find its quality, value, composition etc (test)

7) a group of three; (a musical composition for) a group of three singers or players (trio)

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