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the act of competing


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Cases of word usage

1) something useful, helpful or likely to bring success, especially in competition with others (advantage)

2) something given as the result of an official decision e.g. a prize in a competition (award)

3) a person, team, animal etc taking the first place in a competition (champion)

4) a competition to find the best athlete, player, team etc (championship)

5) enjoying, engaged in, competition (competitive)

6) a struggle, fight or competition (contest)

7) harmful competition between colleagues or rivals (especially in commerce or industry) (infighting)

8) any of several subdivisions of mankind sharing certain physical characteristics, especially colour of skin, colour and type of hair, shape of eyes and nose; a contest or competition in speed, e.g. to see who can finish a piece of work or get to a certain place first (race)

9) a walk, motorbike competition etc; an eager and rough struggle; to climb (with difficulty) or crawl (over steep or rough ground) (scramble)

10) a person who is considered the poorest, weakest, the probable loser in a competition etc (underdog)

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