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at a short distance

near, nearby

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Cases of word usage

1) a close connection, relation, similarity (affinity)

2) close to (and in line with) the side of (alongside)

3) a close friend (especially used by boys) (chum)

4) close down (close-down)

5) to move along with the body close to the ground or floor (creep)

6) a number of people or things close together without any order (huddle)

7) an act of sexual intercourse between close relations, e.g. a brother and sister (incest)

8) close to the shore (inshore)

9) close and familiar; to have sexual intercourse; most private and personal; a close friend (intimate)

10) an article of clothing fitting close to the body from the shoulders to the top of the legs, worn by (women) dancers, acrobats, people doing exercises etc (leotard)

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