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easy to see through

cloudless, bright

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Cases of word usage

1) a hard, clear yellowish-brown gum used for making ornaments etc (amber)

2) (of a person) able to put thoughts and feelings into clear speech (articulate)

3) to be or give clear proof of something (attest)

4) (to cause of a statement etc) to become clear or intelligible (clarify)

5) clear something out (clear out)

6) a kind of clear meat soup (consomme)

7) not bright; not (to be) seen clearly; not clear (dim)

8) not clear or bright; slow to understand; not exciting or interesting (dull)

9) the addition of a particular word or words, the spoken force used etc to make the significance clear or to show importance when speaking or writing (emphasis)

10) anything that gives a reason for believing, that makes clear or proves, something (evidence)

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