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the soft grey matter in the head, center of the nervous system and of thought and emotion

very smart person

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Cases of word usage

1) of the brain (cerebral)

2) the outer covering (husks) of grain, removed before the brain is used (chaff)

3) to injure the brain of (a person) by concussion (concuss)

4) the outer layer of grey matter of the brain (cortex)

5) the bony part of the head enclosing the brain (cranium)

6) the part of the body above the neck which contains the face and the brain (head)

7) a memory; the part of a person's brain responsible for thoughts and feelings (mind)

8) a fibre or bundle of fibres carrying messages concerning feeling and movement between the brain and all parts of the body; condition of being easily excited, worried, irritated (nerve)

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