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a container with straight sides, usually with a lid, used for holding solids

container, often square or rectangular

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Cases of word usage

1) a portable musical instrument with a box of air, metal reeds and a keyboard (accordion)

2) a small box (usually metal) with a lid, used for holding tea etc (canister)

3) a cardboard box used for holding goods (carton)

4) a small box used to hold letters, jewels etc (casket)

5) a large, strong (usually wooden) box with a lid, used for storing things (chest)

6) a large, strong box for holding money or valuables (coffer)

7) a box for a dead person (coffin)

8) a box for bees to live in; a place full of busy people (hive)

9) a box or cage, especially one used for rabbits (hutch)

10) a long, open box for horses or cattle to feed from (manger)

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