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without colour or lights

dark, inky

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Cases of word usage

1) (to cause something) to become black (blacken)

2) a kind of long-horned black ox (buffalo)

3) a black substance made by burning wood slowly in an oven with little air, used as fuel, for drawing etc (charcoal)

4) (a kind of tree) with a soft, small, round fruit that is red, yellow or black when ripe and with a hard seed in the middle (cherry)

5) a kind of black mineral that burns and supplies heat (coal)

6) the varied visual sensation produced by rays of light (and different from looking at black and white only) (colour)

7) (of) a kind of hard, black wood (ebony)

8) (of) the colour between black and white, coloured like ashes (grey)

9) popular music first played by Black groups in the southern USA in the early 20th century, characterized by improvization and strong rhythms (called traditional jazz) (jazz)

10) (the wearing of) black clothes as a sign of grief (mourning)

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