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more than average or usual in size, mass, amount, strength etc

large, great

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Cases of word usage

1) (a part of an army using) big guns on wheels etc (artillery)

2) salted or smoked meat from the back or sides of a big (bacon)

3) (of a person) big and strong (beefy)

4) to attack a person, building etc (using big guns) (bombard)

5) (of babies) big and healthy (bouncing)

6) a swelling on the large joint of the big toe (bunion)

7) (of a person) big and strong (burly)

8) a big and serious misfortune or disaster (e.g. an earthquake or flood) (calamity)

9) a short-eared animal like a big rat, often used in experiments; a person allowing herself or himself to be used in medical or other experiments (guinea-pig)

10) a soldier using big guns (gunner)

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