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(of a person) exhausted

very tired

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Cases of word usage

1) the chemical substance in the body that makes the heart beat faster etc, produced by anger, fear, excitement etc (adrenaline)

2) to beat (a person, animal) severely with a rod or whip (flog)

3) (of the heart) to beat irregularly or fast (palpitate)

4) a unit of measurement of mass, equal to 16 ounces or 0.45 kg; the British unit of money; to hit or beat (something) heavily and repeatedly (pound)

5) to beat or throb; expand and contract rhythmically (pulsate)

6) a seed of a pea, bean or lentils used as food; the regular beat of the arteries, e.g. felt at the wrist, as the blood is pumped through them by the heart; the activities or thrill of life or emotion (pulse)

7) to beat (a person, thing) repeatedly with the fists (pummel)

8) to beat (a person) with a stick, whip etc; to defeat (a person, team etc) in a contest; to arrive at a decision or agreement after a lot of discussion (thrash)

9) to beat (the grain out of) wheat etc (thresh)

10) a heavy blow or fall; to beat (a person) severely; hit (a person) hard (wallop)

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