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a violent attempt to hurt or defeat

physical assault

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Cases of word usage

1) a surprise attack (ambush)

2) to attack (a person) (assail)

3) (to make) a sudden and violent attack (assault)

4) a rapid, violent attack especially from the air (blitz)

5) (to attack (a place) etc with) a hollow metal container filled either with explosive or with tear gas etc (bomb)

6) to attack a person, building etc (using big guns) (bombard)

7) a strong wall built against attack (bulwark)

8) to make a move that prevents the opponent's king from being moved away from a direct attack (and so win the game) (checkmate)

9) (to make) an attack in reply to an attack by the enemy (counterattack)

10) to speak with strong feeling and attack a person, plan etc (declaim)

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