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a (serious) disagreement

verbal fight

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Cases of word usage

1) to agree, accept, something without argument (acquiesce)

2) to give or mention (something) as an example (especially by quoting from a book to support an argument etc) (cite)

3) (a result of) agreeing to do or give something (especially after discussion, an argument etc) (concession)

4) (of an argument etc) wrong because based on error (fallacious)

5) a false or mistaken belief; false reasoning or argument (fallacy)

6) (of a person, character, argument etc) convincing, believable (forceful)

7) the rubbing of one thing against another; (an instance of) a difference of opinion leading to argument and quarrelling (friction)

8) not able to walk normally because of an injury or defect; (of an excuse, argument etc) weak and unsatisfactory (lame)

9) to prevent workers from entering a factory etc, e.g. during an argument between management or owners and the workers (lock out)

10) not easily agreeing to an argument or being persuaded; stubborn (obstinate)

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