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separated by (a mentioned) distance


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Cases of word usage

1) to set (something) apart as scared or for a religious purpose (consecrate)

2) to unfasten and take (something) apart (detach)

3) to take (two things) apart (disconnect)

4) (of lines, opinions, roads etc) to get farther apart (from a point or from each other) as they progress (diverge)

5) to put or keep (a person, thing) apart from others (isolate)

6) in another or different way; apart from that; if not (otherwise)

7) to put (a person, thing) apart from the rest; separate (segregate)

8) the edge of cloth made so that threads do not come apart (selvage)

9) apart from the main or usual one; one of the flat surfaces of something (side)

10) the printed words in a book; the original words of an author, apart from anything else in a book (text)

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