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(of movement on a long, flat surface) forward


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Cases of word usage

1) floating; carried along on air or water (afloat)

2) a covered passage, usually with an arched roof, e.g. with shops along one or both sides (arcade)

3) a public passenger vehicle that travels a fixed route along the roads and takes people on and sets them down (bus)

4) to move along with the body close to the ground or floor (creep)

5) a flowing movement; to move along or over as a river does (flow)

6) to come, go, after or along in the same direction (follow)

7) an ornamental band or strip along (usually the top of) a wall (frieze)

8) an extent of a piece of land or a building along its front (frontage)

9) a mass of ice, formed by snow on mountains, moving slowly along a valley (glacier)

10) a long, hollow area in the surface of a hard material, especially one made for something that slides along it, e.g. a sliding door or window (groove)

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