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the process of doing things, using energy, influence etc

something done

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Cases of word usage

1) an action that may begin a quarrel or war (aggression)

2) able to burn or destroy by chemical action (caustic)

3) an expression of admiration, approval etc, either in words or by action (compliment)

4) (usually used in negative sentences) a feeling of regret for one's action (compunction)

5) (to cause a material) to wear away slowly by chemical action or disease (corrode)

6) an action intended to reduce, remove, be a punishment for, another (countermeasure)

7) a clever and sudden action to obtain a desired result (coup)

8) a person against whom a legal action is brought (defendant)

9) a situation in which one has to choose between two things, two courses of action etc (dilemma)

10) to say that one does not own for have a connection with (a person, thing, action etc) (disclaim)

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